John Klingeman, C.I.D. The Connected Farm

In this time of the Smart Phones, Internet, and technology accessibility. We now have the tools to Remote Monitor and Control our complete irrigation system and watering needs.

At Lad Irrigation Co. we offer a complete line of products to manage all aspects of the farm’s water system, through the AgSense Systems.
These can be of several communication types, such as:

• Radio telemetry
• WiFi
• Modem type, cell communication system,
• With a subscription base cost to supply cell Data, a web server for storing information, sending out the notifications, and analyzing the information.
• The System can have real-time weather data and soil moisture data.
• Monitor pressure’s
• Start and Stop Pumps, VFDs,
• Variable Rate on each field according to soil, crop, and field needs
• Water Levels in ponds, Tanks
• Monitor Flows
• Supply NVDI Photos weekly (Insights program)



These are a few of the technologies that can be offered in today’s world. As we in Ag know, it is more important than ever before, to use our resources as efficiently as possible. Your best choice of saving time, manpower, and resources.

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