Doug Muscott C.I.D. Pump Station Design

Pump station design/build requires a blueprint of what you are trying to accomplish. This segment deals with how we develop our construction plans and our procedures for building a project. Following is a set of CAD drawings that outline our vision for this pump station.

Articles two and three were carried out with these plans in hand as they were developed after taking survey shots and logging them and a pre-construction meeting with the builders and the project owners.

Following is our vision of this project.

This page shows the plan view of our vision of what the new pump station will look like. We do our design work on CAD and this allows us to accurately scale the components and make sure our ideas can come true in the real world.

Page two shows the elevation view of our proposed pump station and allows us to make sure the water will enter and exit the pump structure as we plan. This is very critical and a lot of math is involved in this phase to verify the flow and quantity of water we need for our system.

Page three shows the pump pad layout for the electrical conduits and other items to be built into the concrete poured pump support structure. All this type of construction must be seen in the mind’s eye of the engineer designing the pump station as remodeling corrections into concrete is time consuming and expensive.

Page four shows the exact construction of the electrical controls and how they are to be built and wired into the system. This pump station will be fully automated when complete allowing the operator to simply change valves with the pumps automatically adapting to the requirement with a pressure transducer and a VFD.

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