Orchard Irrigation Supplies & Installation

Design, supplies, & installation Orchard Irrigation

Lad Irrigation has expertise dealing with the specialized demands of orchard irrigation and water supply while staying conscious of efficiency, water conservation, and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to extensive training and advanced design software, our sales engineers can provide you a comprehensive solution for pumping—from low-flow micro-irrigation to high-capacity crop cooling and frost-protection water application. We can also design and provide micro-sprinkler systems for effective orchard irrigation and environmental-control applications.

Our Royal City location has a large stock of common orchard sprinklers and fittings, and is conveniently located to serve the expanding orchard market on the Royal Slope!

  • Expert irrigation design team

  • Full service parts & supplies

  • Pump stations

  • Drip irrigation

  • Cooling

  • Fogging

  • Under tree & overhead frost & cooling

  • Filters, pumps, PVC fittings, valves

  • Automation controls

  • Picking and pruning supplies

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Need parts or service?
We have the broadest selection of irrigation supplies around!

Taking Care of You From Start to Finish Orchard & Vineyard Irrigation Services

  • Consultation

    Meet with our experienced designers to discuss your project

  • Design

    Utilizing the latest in design technology, our expert designers will map out your irrigation plan

  • Parts & Supplies

    After your design has been drafted, our full-service parts department can provide you with all you need to complete the project

  • Ongoing Support

    When you need service or supplies for your orchard or vineyard irrigation system, we have what you need