Sprinkler Packages: When is the Right Time to Update?

Sprinklers Spraying

Irrigation managers should be aware of: Loss of uniformity Failure of pressure regulations Worn / malfunctioning sprinkler components Deformity of nozzle sizing Restoring accurate uniformity of water application is usually the principle reason for upgrading a sprinkler package. Since the uniformity of the sprinkler package directly affects not only the accuracy of water application but…

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The Connected Farm

Ag Sense feature

In this time of the Smart Phones, Internet, and technology accessibility. We now have the tools to Remote Monitor and Control our complete irrigation system and watering needs. At Lad Irrigation Co. we offer a complete line of products to manage all aspects of the farm’s water system, through the AgSense Systems. These can be…

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Pump Station Design

pump station

Pump station design/build requires a blueprint of what you are trying to accomplish. This segment deals with how we develop our construction plans and our procedures for building a project. Following is a set of CAD drawings that outline our vision for this pump station. Articles two and three were carried out with these plans…

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