Our History The Story of Lad Irrigation

1957: The Beginning

Lad Irrigation Company was established in Moses Lake, Washington, in 1957. Many have asked, “Why L A D”? The original partner’s first names were Larry, Arlie, and Don. The first initials of their names formed the name of the company. Larry and Don soon left the company, leaving Arlie and his wife Aurora as owners. Arlie served in the Korean War. After his honorable discharge, he enrolled at Washington State University and received a degree in agricultural engineering. He then moved his family to Moses Lake to start his career.

1960s- Well Pumps Start it All

Lad established our roots in Turbine pumps. Serving customers that had no other way to access water but to drill a well opened the door for Lad to establish a name for ourselves in the early days of the company. Often times driving through Eastern Washington looking for a drill rig in action was the best ways to find turbine work in those days. Arlie would drive the dirt roads searching for drilling rigs. Upon seeing one on the horizon, his heart would start beating faster with the hope of a future pump design and sale. Over 60 years later and serving all kinds of irrigation pumps is still one of our key focuses.

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Alie and Aurora

1967: Incorporated into WA

In the early days, Lad Irrigation’s installations were a family affair. Arlie, Aurora, and their four children were often working together assembling a wheel line in a grower’s field. Their hard work paid off, and in 1967 Lad Irrigation was incorporated in the state of Washington.

1968: Awarded service

In 1968, Lad became a dealer of Valley Irrigation Systems. In the beginning, these mechanized center pivots were propelled by water pressure, but in the early ’70s, electric center pivots came onto the scene. Over the years, Lad Irrigation has received several awards from Valley, including Premier Dealer, Dealer of the Year, Salesman of the Year, Parts Dealer of the Year, and Service Dealer of the Year. Lad and growers in the Columbia Basin have been very instrumental in developing irrigation reliability and technology.

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Lad Irrigation 047

1970: Paving the Way

Shortly after becoming a Valley Irrigation Pivot dealer, Lad begins to sell and support the very first corner irrigation pivots. From the early years of Lad we have always tried to innovate and find the best solutions for our loyal customers. 

1984: Eastern Washington Expansion

Over the years, Lad has stayed focused on ways to improve customer service. In 1984, Lad expanded operations to Othello, Washington. The store quickly grew from a parts depot to a full-service sales design, parts, and service resource for growers.


1990 New Technology

New technology becomes available to the farmers in the Columbia Basin leading Lad to refine our company to focus to include a changing perspective on pivot control technology. We can now begin to visualize a future of controlling pivots from anywhere in the world, paving the way of the future Pro Panel or Base Station.


1994 Leading the Pivot Market

Valley introduces the 8000 Series Center Pivot, which redefines quality and value in an irrigation center pivot. In the years since, Lad has sold thousands of pivots to simplify farming and increase yields across Washington State. 

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1995: Shared Ownership

Arlie felt that Lad’s greatest assets were our customers and employees. One of Arlie’s greatest desires was to sell the company to his employees.

In 1995, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan was established and 51% of the company’s stock was purchased by the ESOP.

1998: Expansion continues

In 1998, a branch store was opened in George, Washington. After many years of serving this area, it was time to establish a brick and mortar presence to better service the loyal customers in this region.  

Pump Station (2)


Technology is quickly growing and gaining traction down the irrigation system to the pump station. Lad begins to invest and focus on industry leading pump controls and automation, paving the way for decades of future irrigation opportunity and solutions. Constant training and investment has secured a market leading position for irrigation controls in Eastern Washington. 

2007: 100% Employee Owned

In 2007, the remaining 49% was purchased by the ESOP making Lad Irrigation 100% employee-owned. Lad Irrigation is organized with a board of directors made up of 3 company officers and 4 elected employees.

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2010's Improving Water Management

Lad was excited to be apart of the launch of Advanced Pivot Control and mechanized solutions for improved water management and control. Simplified soil and plant monitoring and analyzing tools make it possible to increase yields even more. Dozens of new technology allow the skilled farmer to become even more efficient and consistent than ever before. 

2018: Introduces Royal City

In 2018, a branch store was opened in Royal City, Washington.

The Royal City location includes full service orchard design and product solutions, strategically positioned, as this area continues to see very strong irrigation growth in orchard and vineyard applications. 

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2019: 3 New Locations

In 2019, Lad expanded it's dealership territory to ALL of Eastern Washington, including new stores in Pasco, Basin City, and Sunnyside.

This expansion included the purchase of Valmont Northwest, positioning Lad to strategically lead Washington in agricultural irrigation solutions. This critical move in Lad's history will allow us to offer faster and broader irrigation solutions to the growers in Washington. 

2020: Pasco adds Pump and Machine division

After decades of pump design, evaluation, and service, Lad expands our services to include in house full service machining and rebuilding capabilities. With total control of pump repair up to 2000 HP, Lad can accommodate quick turn arounds and quality control you would expect from a leading irrigation service provider. 

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8316 BW

2021: Lad Moses Lake pump shop Expands to include Machine work

After more than 50 years of evaluating, diagnosing, and servicing pumps in our Moses Lake location, we have expanded our service to include full in house machining and rebuilding capabilities. With our decades of experience in complete irrigation design and servicing, there is no better place to have your irrigation pump serviced. 

2022: Introducing Yakima

Lad Irrigation takes another big step in our quest to offer leading industry service by opening a branch location in Yakima, Washington. Our orchard sales and design team is ready to accommodate this very saturated orchard and vineyard area of the state, a big step forward in our pump and orchard presence. This expansion included the purchase of Foremost Pump and Well Service, positioning Lad as a leading turbine pump provider in the Yakima area. This expansion compliments our many decades of turbine service in the Columbia Basin.